Church Together

We have no paid staff so there are many opportunities to be a part of making church happen together. Assignments begin at the start of the school year and are for one to two years. The Pastoral Team provides oversight for church vision and administration. The Worship Committee develops themes and gives guidance to Sunday morning worship. Teachers are needed for nursery through high school classes. There are also opportunities for setup and cleanup each Sunday.


Sep 2018 - Aug 2019

Church Message Phone -- (541) 754-5388

Pastoral Team

  • Hannah Field
  • Millie Holderread
  • Michael Kolbas
  • Gerry Langstraat

Worship Committee

  • Joe Ebersole
  • Kara Hanson
  • Cathleen Hockman-Wert
  • Hannah Miller

Christian Education Coordinator

  • Shanilka deSoyza

High School Youth Coordinators

  • Pamela Kolbas
  • Ellie Smith
  • Christine van Belle

Bulletins and Announcements

  • Hannah Gascho Rempel


  • Jim Anderson


  • Kathy Howell
  • Michael Kolbas (assistant)

Link to Reimbursement Form (Word doc)

Link to Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Social Events

  • Hannah Gascho Rempel
  • Marc Gascho Rempel

Milestones Committee

  • Kathy Mark
  • Jackie Swartzendruber

Congregational Delegates

  • Dave Hockman-Wert
  • Kathy Mark


  • Dave Holderread
  • Millie Holderread

Drift Creek Camp Contact

  • Christine van Belle

Mennonite Disaster Service Contact

  • Bob Smith

Everence Contact

  • Phil Histand

MCC Fall Festival Contact

  • Jon Umble

Westminster House Contact

  • Larry Passmore
  • Marc Gascho Rempel


  • Kristi McMorran